Who was the better fighter? Hagler or Hopkins?

Who is the best middleweight of all time?

Focusing on ‘true’ middleweights, those professional boxers who spent the majority of their career fighting in the middle weight division, it really comes down to two super elite fighters, Bernard Hopkins (58-8-2) and the late great Marvin Hagler (62-3-2).

These two fighters had very different styles indeed but their mastery, grit and wit in the ring were unmatched in their division.

Marvin Hagler is not historically known as a true boxer, such as Sugar Ray Leonard, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Hagler was a terrific boxer-puncher with a very effective jab. He also could move on his feet if he chose to do so, circling his opponents while utilizing his very accurate jab. Proof of this can be found by watching his earlier matches (such as his fights with Mustafa, Obelmejias and others) before his infamous rise and bouts with Mugabi and Hearns.

What Hagler was most known for was his incredible strength and chin. He was NEVER knocked out or stopped in his entire career. Aside from that, Hagler was never even knocked down in all of his 67 contests. He was “officially” knocked down once in his fight with Roldan, however, it was an obvious slip, as can be seen very clearly by watching the replay.

So, with Marvelous Marvin, here’s this guy that has amazing boxing ability, a heart of a warrior, and who really couldn’t be hurt, just ask Tommy Hearn’s. When Hagler was champion, it was all that mattered to him. No one was taking his belt.

Bernard Hopkins is a true master of the sweet science and a man who treats his body as good as Tom Brady. He can adapt to any style that is thrown his way. He frustrates his opponents using every tactic in his arsenal and it usually earns him a victory.

Hopkins / Hagler (Facts and Stats)

  • Both Hagler and Hopkins each fought in 67 professional boing bouts.
  • Hagler only lost twice and had 2 draws, Hopkins lost 8 times and also had 2 draws. NOTE: Hagler went on to defeat the 2 opponents that had beaten him.
  • Hopkins was in a whopping 40 title fights, Hagler 16.
  • Hopkins had a (47.67%) KO ratio, Hagler, 77.61%
  • Hopkins was only stopped once in his entire career. It was in his very last fight when he was unable to continue after getting knocked out of the ring by a legal punch.

Overall, both fighters are legendary and will be remembered as long as there is professional boxing. Marvin Hagler or Bernard Hopkins, who would you have picked if they had fought each other in their prime?